Episode #05 – Mexico
16 November 2016

A karaoke fiesta in a cactus forest, fireworks in Oaxaca and a chainsaw massacre on a horse ranch with Tom Trago….it’s all in the Episode # 05 of Radio Balthasar goes Mexicooooooo! As we enter Latin america and travel from Baja California accross the mainland to the southern state of Chiapas and everything in between, we see many of our best friends from back home who visit us and travel with us. So this episode is all about friendship y’all!


  1. The Willow Band – Willow Man
  2. Frank Ocean feat John Mayer – White
  3. Elliot Goldenthal – The Floating Bed
  4. Bo Hanson – The Sun
  5. Henri Texier – Les ‘Là-Bas’
  6. Sasac – Sunburst
  7. Fred Aucagos – Pangua Zo Pile Moin
  8. Asha Puthli – Space Talk
  9. Elliot Goldenthal – Coyoacan and Variation
  10. Junior Boys – Sneak A Picture (snippet)
  11. Double – Woman of the World (long instrumental version)
  12. Soul Patrol – Love Variations
  13. Gustavo Zepoll – Zapateada Criollo
  14. Caroline Crawford – Caroline Breakdown
  15. Trio Leones of Cabrito – Adios Mi Chaparrita
  16. Zig Zag – Stop, Stop, Stop
  17. Odyssey – Our Lives Are Shaped by What We Love
  18. Los Caporales de Apatzingán – El Gusto Pasajero
  19. Steve Davis – Lalune Blanche
  20. Tom Trago – live on sansula
  21. The Congos – The Wrong Thing
  22. Nina Simone – I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free



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