About us
22 September 2015

We are a couple from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In our previous lives Olaf (38) owned TrouwAmsterdam, a nightclub, restaurant and art space. Mirla (34) worked as a freelance director in (mostly documentary) film. For years it was a dream to travel for an extended period of time, we feel very lucky and blessed to be able to make this dream come true during this trip through the Americas.
On the road we try to keep the creative output going. Olaf in his passion for music by making a traveling podcast called ‘Radio Balthasar’ and playing DJ gigs along the way. Mirla by once in while teaching a yoga class since becoming a certified yoga teacher in Mexico, writing recipes for ‘Balthasar’s Kitchen’,  but mostly by documenting their journey in a visual diary made of pictures (all shot with a Fuji X-Pro1 using a XF18 mm, the XF27 mm and a 60 mm Macro lens).



Instagram: thismustbethepace
Soundcloud: RadioBalthasar

10.000 ft high at Clouds Rest, Yosemite National Park, USA